Funeral Agency Posledna Pochit - Asenovgrad LogoFuneral Agency Posledna Pochit - Asenovgrad Logo
Funeral Agency Posledna Pochit - Asenovgrad Logo
Funeral Agency "POSLEDNA POCHIT"
   We would like to thank everyone who for the past twenty years has put their trust in our Funeral Agency "Posledna Pochit" in Asenovgrad to arrange respectful last honors to their familiars.
   We set up our agency in January 1999. We have come a long and hard way to where we are now. However, each year we become more confident in our work, more industrious and accomplished
   We can affirm that we are a renowned company in our country and we not only defend loyal competition but also impose new European ideas and standards. We apply national and international laws and regulations. We have come a long and controversial way to defend the right to free market and free choice, and we can affirm that we have taken the burden of a social mission. We started a long and painstaking legal battle against the monopoly in funeral activities. It was precisely this monopoly which limited customers’ free choice. This tiresome battle for new and fair regulations made us stronger and gave all people the possibility to choose and to recognize which funeral agency is honorable and loyal, and above all, to pay a fair price for funeral services. Our work is highly professional, competent, honest and decent, and we carry out our responsibilities as fast as possible.
   Funeral Agency "Posledna Pochit" is a regular member of the Bulgarian Union of Funeral Agencies and keeps constant professional contact with all branch agencies in the country. Moreover, Atanas Argirov is the union chairman for the second term. Our membership in the Union obliges us to comply strictly with the adopted Ethical Code and the Bulgarian State Standard for funeral services EN 15017 from 2006. This is a guarantee for transparency, quality, good reputation and respect of all people working at the agency, who will receive you in their stylish uniforms in sign of respect for you and the memory of your deceased familiars. They will attend you with care and tact. So, if by chance you enter a shabby premise or a gloomy office and are received by a person without a decent look who tells you that you have come to Funeral Agency "Posledna Pochit", just do not trust him.
   We improve our qualification participating in seminars, international fairs of funeral goods and services and studying the innovative ideas and experience of leading funeral companies abroad, which we successfully implement in our work in Asenovgrad. We own two modern and spacious offices in Asenovgrad and one in Plovdiv, luxurious funeral cars, and are the only ones who offer computerized engraving and inscriptions on grave plates. This gives us enormous possibilities to represent forms, letters and ornaments.
   When people deal with death issues on a daily basis they change their values and understand how transient everything in this world is. That is why we are committed to people’s problems arising during this saddest part of their lives. For the staff of Funeral Agency’s "Posledna Pochit" there is no such thing as weekdays or holidays. Our phones work 24 hours a day so that we can attend all that need us.